Mr. Konatee G. Morris

Mr. Morris is an astute and resourceful humanitarian professional specialized in peacekeeping operations with 15+ years of successful employment history with the United Nations and USAID sponsored programs in Africa and the US. Mr. Morris has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology and a Master’s Degree in International Relations & Conflict Resolution and has been overseeing the affairs of “The Rescue Team” both home & abroad.

Unlike many other humanitarian undertakings, this nonprofit organization was given birth due to what Mr. Morris has witnessed and experienced during his teenage and adulthood in Liberia – a war-torn country stricken by poverty. Having spent a decade-plus recovering from two ruinous back-to-back civil wars (1989 – 2003), Liberia mourned the loss of a quarter of a million people dead and the economy in tatters. Besides those wars fought and strikes of disease outbreaks, came Ebola in 2014 – 2015 which, hit Liberia hard, killing over 4,800 people, devastating the lives of thousand others, and wreaking havoc on the country’s economy which has over ther years, been backed by corruption.

However, with the dire desire to be a part of the solution, The Rescue Team was given birth in 2016 with an objective dedicated to orphaned, abandoned, trafficked, and abused children and women; an anti-recidivism body determined to see a society free of crimes and harms; a health team dedicated to fighting disease and poverty; plus a mission to cultivate indigenous voices through a community matters’ approach.

Now, though this journey began in Liberia, its mission has been extended to a few other West African Countries with the same objectives.

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