Gov’ts & Multilaterals

We partner with experts, advocates, and leaders to maximize social impact in civil society, philanthropy, international coordination, national and international governments, research institutes, and the private sector.

Our platform is designed to be flexible, scalable, and compatible with every partner’s unique needs. Whether RESCUE is leading the change, supporting behind the scenes, or connecting the dots, and or, stepping away, we are always focused on maximizing impact.

RESCUE partners with change-makers and social impact leaders at every stage of bringing their ideas to life. We provide deep, functional expertise and services to increase the productivity and impact of social sector organizations. We are committed to bringing value so our partners can focus on achieving their programmatic goals. Our doors are opened to Donors, Partners, and Nonprofit Organiations and others to support our programs.

We build platforms for collaboration within and across issues and sectors to maximize collective impact on pressing global challenges.

Fiscal sponsorship is a powerful tool for changemakers looking to focus on their mission-driven work/s. RESCUE‘s shared activities enables social entrepreneurs to have a one-stop-shop for everything needed to get ideas off the ground: legal structure and compliance, human resources, budget management, communications, fundraising, and so much more.

RESCUE hosts and supports collaborative efforts that allow groups of organizations to make progress toward solving complex challenges. We ensure these partnerships function smoothly and efficiently through facilitation and convening, project management and coordination, programming, and secretariat support.

RESCUE‘s funds provide a grantmaking springboard for donors looking to elevate and advance all our programs. We don’t just pool philanthropic funding but also work very intentionally to facilitate collaboration and learning across partners, share resources and opportunities beyond dollars, and help align fields and strategies under a shared vision.

RESCUE catalyzes coalitions of cross-sector stakeholders under shared visions of impact. We provide and power secretariats to quickly convene partners, effectively coordinate information, and broadly activate action on a range of pressing global issues. Bound only by shared visions, these loose partnerships flex and adapt to changing landscapes in real-time.

RESCUE accelerates issues and initiatives for our partners based on their unique needs. Our flexible approach and scalable services ensure we can provide targeted support that ranges from serving as a secretariat to providing project management and administrative support, contracting services, and financial, legal, and operational management.



We are always looking for collaborative problem solvers with diverse sets of experiences and backgrounds to join our team. To Charitable organizations, Donors, Government Agencies across the globe, International Organizations, Partners, and others, join us to tackle some of the world’s greatest challenges. We are Ready to Work, Ready to Partner, Ready to Implement.