Historically, the first case of HIV/AIDS in Liberia was in 1986 when a female trader was diagnosed with the virus in Zorzor, Lofa county – one of the counties of Liberia in the north-west of the country. This event prompted the Government of Liberia to establish the National AIDS and STI Control Program as an umbrella organization within the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare with the mandate to prevent and control the spread of HIV/AIDS in Liberia. Barely two years after its formation, the Liberian civil crisis unfolded. Therefore, little was achieved up to 2004, because the database was destroyed during the civil hostilities – a statistic gathered from the World Health Organization (WHO).

Since the government cannot do it all, 1heart in collaboration with its professionals have organized a Health Home care management and service care coordination program for low-income family recipients with behavioral health and/or substance use problems, HIV/AIDS and/or multiple chronic illnesses.

For these medically and psychosocially complex individuals, the 1heart care managers provide access to and coordinate all of the health and support services an individual need to remain safely and independently at home and avoid institutional care. These dedicated care managers:

  • Work in the community continually assessing the lifestyle and health of their clients to create a plan of care that meets all physical, mental, chemical dependency, and social service needs,
  • Work with partner companies to arrange and manage services including medical care,  behavioral health, housing, substance abuse services, legal services, and family support,
  • Educate clients and families about diseases and teach self-care strategies,
  • Collaborate with hospitals to help the client safely return to the community following a hospitalization,
  • Help ensure adherence to medications as well as secure and help the client keep medical appointments.

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