III.Indigenous Voice

Indigenous Voice is a program focused on sharing and cultivating indigenous fears and concerns as it relates to their contributions to the growth of the economy through agricultural programs, approaches to tackle climate change, domestic violence, trafficking and rights for all.

This program’ objective is to bridge the gap between misconceptions and understanding as it regards working with native students/groups within selected villages in the six (6) counties of Rescue’ operation. Our work has revolved around advocating and providing opportunities for natives and non-natives to embrace and learn the mechanisms within these cultures.

Our Professionals volunteer their times to help build strategic events for youth, based around modern and indigenous knowledge of the environment and water.

The following subtopics will give you a clearer explanation in depth about the three (3) strategies provided which are Educational, Social Welfare, and Leadership wherein, examples are shared and defined  –  strategies that clarify how they are implemented in our day-to-day’ work.