Our Mission

Our Mission is to inspire humanity – both in life-saving initiatives, address societal ills, and combat recidivism. 

Our Vision

To attain Equality and abolish Poverty


Aim and Objectives

The aim and objective of Rescue are to prevent children from roaming the streets and assist those who were made orphan due to HIV/AIDS and others, achieve their goal of education and sustainable family life.

To provide orphans, semi-orphans and or street children live a childhood that they never experienced and help them become useful members of the society.

To encourage orphans, semi-orphans and or street children kindle their potentials by providing creative opportunities.

To make available a secure place where orphans, semi-orphans and or street children can play and enjoy their childhood.

To provide basic education to orphans/semi-orphans / street children.

To provide such welfare services like free lodgings, boardings, health, and recreation programs.

To provide basic literacy and facilities for those who wish to study further.

To select and prepare for a vocation in order to be able to sustain themselves as they grow into adulthood.

To accomplish physical, intellectual and aesthetic development of the child.

Project Activities

  • Identification of orphans / semi-orphans / street children.
  • Preview of the incoming orphans/semi-orphans / street children problem/difficulties.
  • Emotional acceptance of the child.
  • Teaching facilities for basic education.
  • Teaching facilities for vocational courses and crafts.
  • Lodging and boarding facilities for all inmates.
  • Recreational facilities.
  • Primary health as well as counseling.

However, being part of those who hate to see the world cry,  me (Konatee Greg Morris ) and three strong humanitarians came up with this idea in order to give meanings to the lives of these people of concern.

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