Aligned efforts to drive change.

Aligned efforts to drive change

RESCUE catalyzes coalitions of cross-sectors take holders under shared visions of impact. We provide and power secretariats to quickly convene partners, effectively coordinate information, and broadly activate action on a range of pressing global issues. Bound only by shared visions, these loose partnerships flex and adapt to changing landscapes in real-time.

RESCUE’s Networks

networks implementation by countries

emergency action networks

Making out-of-the-box connections to power progress

Some of the networks powered by RESCUE

Our work is built on flexible, honest, and action-oriented partnership with changemakers from every sector – because we know that change can come from anywhere.

Our approach to social change

We work with our partners to co-design solutions that are fluid, agile, and scalable to accelerate the path from vision to impact.

We achieve social impact by empowering changemakers through radical collaboration

Our model is built on the core belief that systemic issues can be addressed more quickly, effectively, and durably through the broad lens of collaboration than the narrow mindset of competition.

Because we understand that world-changing ideas can come from leaders anywhere, but it’s only when we work together that real change can take hold.

Our team includes experts in the functional skills needed to power social change, from back-end finance and operations to external communications and stakeholder engagement.