The Anti-Recidivism Programs


1Heart’ anti-recidivism programs offer its target groups (inmates/former inmates – Juvenile/adults) the following services:

  • Provide life skills classes: teach them how to understand their individual values by being respectful and honest based on religious principles (Christian/Muslims/traditional beliefs) based on their religious beliefs;
  • teach them self-awareness skills – a skill that helps them identify their callings, purpose, and mission on earth;
  • listening and communication skills – a skill set that teaches them to unselfishly listen by being empathetic while involved in difficult conversations without prejudice;
  • work with them through educational programs (basic writing/reading skills to those who did not have a primary education, and provide quality education to those who were opportuned to have a primary and or secondary education); self-discipline; self-care
  • check their wellness and mental health skills – critical thinking and problem-solving skills. To improve their problem-solving skills, 1Heart has a collective mastery of gifts in brain-training programs – Lumosity or Fit Brain which compels the human race to learn new things daily. 
  • Screening and selecting the programs’ participants by providing a case manager to do follow-ups on her round-the-clocks’ activities and etc.